Gradient Disk

I’ve always loved gradients. Either computer generated or in nature. Here’s the SWF of the image above with the gradients rotating around in opposite directions. package { import flash.display.Sprite; import flash.display.GradientType; import flash.geom.Matrix; import flash.utils.Timer; import; [SWF( width=”550″, height=”890″ )] public class GradientDisk extends Sprite { private var _tic : Timer; private var _rotationBG […]

TRON Legacy movie review

Let me say first off that I really enjoyed TRON. I thought it was visually stunning; the acting was more than adequate; Olivia Wilde was impishly cute; and the soundtrack is right up there with Inception as best OST of the year. For a Cyber Fiction movie it is a must see. And I saw […]

Where do you get work done?

I just watched this video from by Jason Fried – co-founder of 37signals. He talks about how the office is usually the last place in the world where people actually get work done. Give it a watch. He’s an engaging speaker. Thoughts I have only had a brief experience working in an office – […]

Using graphics.copyFrom to CircleTheWagons

CircleTheWagons will take an arbitrary Sprite and repeatedly place copies of that Sprite around the perimeter of a circle. Presumably you have drawn something on the graphics layer of the Sprite otherwise it’s sort of boring looking. view source graphics.copyFrom The real key to this approach is being able to copy the graphics drawn on […]