All good things . . .

Flash Forward 2006 is over. What a show. I’d have to say that “Let’s Get Physical: Extending the Flash Platform” by Craig Swann was the most sock removing session. I’m very tempted to give Craig the best speaker award to but he got inched out by John Davey who was a bloody riot. The award […]

You say “yes!”

About 2 hours after I accepted the offer to go back to work doing UI HTML-coding I got a call from another recruiter asking if I would be interested in a 3-month+ gig doing Flash/Actionscript. “Frak yes,” I told him. (No, really, that’s exactly what I said.) I also told him that I had just […]

Get a job

If I’m not working then the first thing I do is drive over to a nearby Tully’s for coffee. I’m usually one of the first people there and I hang around until 10ish or so when the library opens up. Tully’s offers WiFi for some obscene amount of dollars but fortunately someone across the street […]