Which Superhero are you?

I couldn’t have planned this any better if I had tried – insert evil laugh here. :-) I wonder which question I answered that knocked me off the 100% score. Your results: You are The Flash The Flash 95% Hulk 80% Iron Man 70% Green Lantern 70% Spider-Man 65% Superman 65% Supergirl 60% Robin 55% […]

Fading and masking with device fonts

Excerpt from the Flash LiveDocs, emphasis added: Transparency values are not supported for text fields that use device fonts. You must use embedded fonts to use the _alpha transparency property with a text field. Which, you will find out shortly isn’t entirely true. Here’s how embedding vs device fonts works: when you embed a font […]

Portfolio for Dan Florio a.k.a polyGeek

Dan Florio – Creative Actionscript Developer Currently looking for both freelance clients and full time employment – anywhere in the USA, Europe or Australia. I’m a freelance Actionscript/Flex/AIR developer working from home – Camp Verde, AZ. I have been a Flash Platform developer for over 10 years now. I worked for Microsoft XBox/Zune for 2 […]

Know when to say when

BusinessWeek.com’s article “How Much is Too Much?” is a pretty good look at what the Xbox is costing Microsoft. The two main points that the article makes is that it is unknown how much MS is willing to spend before giving up but more importantly it points out that the value of Xbox isn’t just […]

Liquid Text

Obviously moving the shape(s) that the text avoids makes for some fairly unreadable text. But it works great for creating a flowing text output where the shapes are unmoving, or moving only slightly. LiquidText is a class that lets you wrap dynamic text around any number of irregular shapes. And those shapes can be moving! […]

Flash Lightning

Lighting is a class that dynamically draws a lightning strike. The input fields act like the Photoshop palettes. Meaning once you select an input field you can use the up/down arrows to increment/decrement the value. Holding the shift-key down will increase/decrease faster. Values less than 10 change by .1 / 1 whereas values greater than […]

Using Modulo

Modulo is probably one of the least used operands in programming. If you’ve forgotten it simply gives you the remainder of a division. As an example 13 % 5 = 3. Five goes into 13 twice with 3 left over. 16 % 7 = 2. Seven goes into 16 twice with 2 left over. Here’s […]

Art Walk

This is a variation on the a mathematical Random Walk. Essentially what this thing does is plot a curve using the Actionscript Drawing API. Then it randomly picks another point to draw a curve to. Just for fun it randomly picks from a range of colors and opacities just for added visual appeal. I only […]