Do you have Police Insurance?

911 operator: 911, what is the nature of your emergency

Voice: [Hushed] Someone's broken into my house. I'm hiding in my bedroom closet.

911 operator: I understand. I'll send a patrol car to your location, but first I notice that your Police Insurance has expired. Would you like to renew now?

Voice: Yes, yes. Of course. Please renew my Police Insurance and send help. Please hurry.

911 operator: Okay, just hold on a moment. Um, the card we have on file is expired. Can you give me a new one?

Voice: [hushed, but intense] My purse is hanging by the front door. I can't get to it. Can you just send the police and I'll renew when it's safe?

911 operator: I'm sorry. But that's against company policy. You have to have Police Insurance before we can send a patrol car.

Voice: [Barely audible] I can hear them coming closer. Please. I'm begging you.

911 operator: Hold on a second. Let me get my manager.

Voice: No wait, don't...


911 operator: This is the manager speaking. I understand you need to renew your Police Insurance Policy. Is that correct? ... Hello? Is anyone there?

This sounds like a scene out of some dystopian screenplay, right? Can you imagine a world where Police Insurance was a thing? It’s absurd, but absolutely the life that millions of American citizens live with. No, they don’t need Police Insurance. Thankfully that’s not a reality, although in this country I’m surprised it hasn’t been proposed.

The reality is much worse. As important as police protection is it’s nothing compared to the importance of healthcare. Thankfully, most people go their whole life without ever needing to call the police in an emergency. But few make it out of childhood without some sort of medical need at one point or another. Yet in the USA we have somehow been conditioned to believe that health insurance is a good thing. It’s not.

The idea of health insurance is evil

I could go down a laundry list of reasons why the concept of health insurance is evil but only one fact is important: health insurance companies exist to take your money and in return provide the minimum amount of services they can legally get away with. Think about that for a second. Is that how you think decisions about health care should be made? Would any police department ever tell a grieving family that it’s too expensive to search for their little girl who’s gone missing? Absolutely not. The police department, fire department, citizens in the community all come together in a time like that to do everything they can to find a missing child. But if that child has life threatening cancer, and the treatment that has the best chance of saving her life costs to much then the health insurance company will refuse to pay and offer a less effective, and cheaper, treatment option. The parents will be faced with a decision between incurring crushing medical debt or chosing the cheaper, less effective, treatment. This isn’t a hypothetical. It’s a reality that parents face every day.

Health care should be provided for all as a basic human right, the same as police and fire coverage. But why isn’t it? Because the health insurance industry has too much money and influence on political officials. The majority of Americans are too ignorant to understand that allowing lobbyists to give money to politicians has resulted in corporations taking over the political process.

It used to be that having the support of common citizens was the key to getting elected. Now it’s having the support of the health insurance, telecoms, and drug companies.

Drug companies funded the tragic opioid addiction in this country so that they could turn a bigger profit. How on earth the Sackler family has avoided a public lynching is beyond me. In any civilized nation the behavior and profiteering that the Sackler family displayed would incur public execution as punishment and a warning that such anti social behavior will not be tolerated. But the Sacklers and the CEOs of every other drug and health insurance company continue to control whether you get addicted to drugs, or get the right treatment for a disease.

Something to think about when you, or someone you love, needs medical care but the system leaves you trapped in a closet with no options.

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