Jurassic World was good, but…

I jurrasic-worldenjoyed Jurassic World quite a lot for the spectacle of it all, but the story was a little bit lacking. For one thing everything to do with the brothers was a waste of time, but that’s not what I want to talk about. What really caught my attention was the loyalty of the raptors. To start with they are subservient to Owen (Chris Pratt). Then they are introduced to the Indominus Rex and switch their allegiance. That much flows well because the raptors share a language and genetics with the Indominus.

The real key is when Owen faces down Blue, the beta in the raptor pack, and wins her loyalty back. I have to ask myself, why would she switch now? I can’t think of anything in the story that makes this feel reasonable other than to think, she just had a change of heart.

That’s poor storytelling. We want to understand the reason why a character, whether it’s a person or animal, changes their mind.

There could have been a simple fix for this. The character Hoskins (Vincent D’Onofrio) was an asshole. If there had been a scene of him abusing, or even just teasing, the raptors – something I could imagine his character doing. Follow that with a scene of Owen arriving and physically protecting the raptors from Hoskins.

If we place ourselves in the raptors mind we can see why they would switch their loyalty to the indominus and then back to Owen again. Switching to the indominus seems believable because it feels like family. That much worked in the movie. And then when they switch back again it’s because Blue takes her time to think about it and figures that it isn’t just about family, it’s about familiarity. It’s the sort of loyalty switching that we’ve seen in countless stories. It works because it feels true.

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