The year behind, the year ahead

I think the biggest news for me personally for 2011 was that the RunPee app reverted back to my control. Briefly the story goes that I built the website back in 2008. Then in 2009 it became really popular and lots of people wanted an iPhone app. Since I had no way of making it myself – yeah, like I want to learn Objective-C and program on a Mac – I partnered with a company to build it for me. So for the past few years they built and maintained the app while me and my family watched the movies to get all the peetimes. That worked out great because I made good money from it but I wanted to do so much more with it than they ever could.

RunPee movie graph 2011

Around May of this year the app came back under my control so I built it from scratch using Adobe AIR. It’s been a great learning experience and a labor of love. To date I’ve gotten 45,000 installs on iOS and 29,000 on Android since the app went live on June 27th.

This hasn’t just been the year of mobile apps. I’ve been pretty mobile myself. The year started off with me living in Seattle, then a brief stay in Los Angeles for about 4 months and then to Arizona – not far from Sedona. Next year shouldn’t be quite so mobile. I’ll be moving to Florida sometime in the Spring to be with family and staying there for a good long while.

Getting the RunPee app back also brought about another big change: freelancing. For the past few years I’ve not had to work too much because of the income I made off of the app. But it doesn’t make any money right now – something I’m hoping to fix this year. That meant I had to go back to freelancing. It started off slow but has really picked up these past few months and the future looks pretty bright. The app I’m working on should be public later this Spring.

Goal #1 – make enough money from the RunPee apps to pay for the movie expenses.

I have a few games that I’ve been working on this year. One of them is very near completion and I hope to have another ready by the time 360Flex rolls out. So another goal is:

Goal #2 – release a new game/app each quarter.

But my big goal this year is to spend a lot of time building Arduino projects. Aside from just being good fun I think there is a lot of freelance potential in that market. And in concert with Arduino I’ll be getting into welding and metal sculptor work. I have some ideas for combining metal sculpting with Arduino and interactivity with mobile devices.

Goal #3 – sell at least one Arduino powered metal sculpture

I’m always surprised by the traffic I get here on This past year there have been 508,763 pageviews and 244,159 unique visitors to Unfortunately that’s down from 2010 traffic by 255,985 pageviews. Even though I may be doing less pure development I should have plenty to blog about with my Arduino projects and such so my goal is to top the 2010 numbers.

Goal #4 – blog more about AIR mobile and Arduino

My last goal is to get serious about writing fiction. This is a goal that my sister and I share so we plan on working together and trying to inspire each other. That shouldn’t be too hard since we’ll be living in the same house.

Goal #5 – write at least 20 pages/day on a screenplay, short story, or novel.

I’m really looking forward to Fridays this coming year. Once I get to Florida every Friday me, my mother and sister will go to the movies together, see our separate movies for RunPee and then meet up at a nearby restaurant to add our peetimes to the database, hang out, talk about movies and just have a great family outing. I guess I’ll tack on one more goal that is pretty much a given and will be more enjoyable than all the others.

Goal #6 – spend more time with family.

What do you think?

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  1. You can do whatever you set your mind to. And, congrats, on getting control of the app again. If I had an iPhone, I’d check it out. But, I’m still in living in the Stone Age with my blackberry. :)

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