RunPeeMobile homepageI’m hard at work building a version of RunPee for mobile devices running Flash Player 10.1. I’ve decided to keep a running journal of the experience of building the app. Right now it’s live but in an alpha state. You can see the first version for yourself here at remember, this is built to be a mobile app. To view it as it’s meant to be displayed you should resize your browser to be mobile screenish size.

What I’ve learned so far
This is the first pure AS3 project that I’ve created in ages. I’ve found that I’m really spoiled by the Flex SDK. It just takes so much stinking work to do some very basic things. I’m dying for Adobe Slider – Flexish SDK for mobile applications. I plan to rebuild RunPee mobile as soon as the Slider Beta-bits are available. And since is such a basic app it shouldn’t take more than a few days to learn Slider and get the essentials working.

There are a whole slew of reasons that make Flex such a great framework to work with. But for me I’d say the biggest is that it allows me to get so much done so quickly and then be able to radically change layouts on a whim. There are already a few issues that I’ve come up with my layout for this app that I don’t want to go back and fix because of the refactoring it would take. If this were Flex based it would be a simple matter.

So far I have the essentials down. The data is loaded and displayed. The page-flipping code seems to work well but the scrolling up/down is problematic. I used to do stuff like this in my sleep. But again, Flex has spoiled me and scrolling is kicking my ass. :)

Lots more to come. If you want to see everything in the series then look at the RunPeeMobile tag.

What do you think?