Seems like most devs that I meet at conferences didn’t start off as developers or even go to college to get a CS degree. And many didn’t even go to college. So I’m wondering, what do you think you’d be doing if you hadn’t become a developer?

Here’s my story. I’d love to read yours in the comments, or better yet write your story on your blog and link to it from here.

A long winding road
polyNudeI went to college – majoring in Math/Physics – at the U of Az. Then dropped out to teach at Space Academy in Huntsville, AL. Then back to college but dropped out again to get a degree in massage therapy from the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts. Then back to college at NAU – Northern Az – still trying to get a degree in Math and working part time as a nude model for the art department. Then I switched my major to History and finally Philosophy. I spent my last year of college studying abroad in Swansea, Wales.

Not a dime to my name
Picture this, I’m on my way back to the US after going to school in Wales. I’m at Hethrow airport and buy a value meal at Burger King. I didn’t have enough money left over to get it super-sized. In fact I had only 7-cents left in my pocket when I landed in DC. Fortunately I had good friends who gave me a place to stay.

I was supposed to go back to NAU to present my work from Swansea and receive my degree. But without enough money to get back to NAU I picked up a job doing HTML for a small design shop in Greensboro, NC. A six-month contract job turned into a career. After that I had enough money to go back to school and start my doctorate in Philosophy but a friend in Manhattan talked me into coming up there and working with him. From there it was HTML and Javascript and eventually working at XBox doing Flash, then freelancing with Flex and AIR and then success with and living in an RV, sitting on my ass and blogging too much.

If I’d had enough money to get back to school I would have ended up a professor of Philosophy.

What do you think?