It wouldn’t be a 360Flex wrap if I didn’t give out my Lego Vagina award for the most Flextastic or Actionscripty new something-or-another.

The three nominees for this conference are:

The Flex 4 framework
Lets put it this way: The Flex 4 framework is still in beta and yet many people are already saying, “Remember back in the Flex 3 days how we …” The component/skinning of Flex 4 is just amazing. But that’s not all. We have all new effects and transitions and . . . wait for it . . . STATES that don’t suck ryno-ass.

The new Flash Text Engine
Matt Guest did a great job in his session showing off the power and simplicity of the FTE. The FP engineers deserve huge kudos for their efforts. The best I can describe FTE is that it’s like PixelBender for text. I think the only limitation with Flash and Text is now our imaginations.

Push Button Engine
PBE is a new open source modular gaming engine and framework. Nate Beck showed us the goods in his session and I think everyone would agree – WOW! Power and simplicity meet finger-tips. I can’t wait to get busy with it.

The winner is:


All three are hugely deserving. The only problem is that I have come to expect wowing new things from the Flex framework team and Flash Player engineers. But PBE came out of nowhere. I can’t wait to finish up a few projects and get busy with PBE. I gots some ideas. gonna have some fun.

If you’re wondering lego vagina is an inside joke that goes back to the original 360Flex conference. Nuf’ said.

What do you think?