My 360|Flex session Under the Hood of is, according to Ryan Stewart, by FAR the toughest slot at the conference. The other sessions I’m up against are Renaun Erickson talking about Tips for Actionscript based iPhone apps, Jeff Tapper talking about hurting himself – designer/developer workflow, and Sim Bateman talking about Git.

I know from experience that people pick sessions mainly based on the content. Therefore I want you to know as much as possible about what I’m going to cover in during my session so that you’ll know if it’s for you or not.  Besides, I’m going to make fun of anyone who gets up and leaves during my session. :)

And one more thing: there will be trivia questions during the session and cash rewards for correct answers! And humiliations galore for incorrect answers. :)

Session Outline

  1. Be your own client
  2. I built it. Now what?
  3. Show me the code

Be your own client
I’m going to quickly run through the history of from where the idea came from to how it became a media sensation. The purpose of going over this is two fold: first, to show you that I really had no idea what I was doing and still managed to create a commercially successful website; and secondly to show off. :) Seriously, in my wildest dreams I never thought that would provide enough income to support me and my wife – modestly. So yes, this can happen to your idea as well.

Most of this portion of the session will be to help inspire you to bring your own ideas to market and to think about ways to make that happen.

I built it. Now what?
I’ll cover a few things that I learned from my mistakes and things that you might want to look out for.  This portion of the session is pretty short.

crashShow me the code
This is probably the main reason people will come to this session. For the same reason that people go to NASCAR races: to see the crashes.

Rule #1 in the speakers handbook is: Don’t write code from scratch during a session.

Good thing for you that I don’t follow rules very well because I’m not just going to write code from scratch. I’m going to create an entire project from scratch including making a database table, writing the PHP and MySQL to retrieve data from it and then a Flex widget that will use AMFPHP to get that data, display it and, if there’s time I’ll even create the code to update the database.

This is mainly aimed at people who are relatively new to Flex but even if you’re a seasoned Flexer you can at least see someone else’s workflow to see if there are parts that you can add to yours.

Other coding topics covered

  • Using SWFAddress to make your application deepLinkable
  • Integrating your Flex applications with Google Analytics
  • Automatically translating content with the Google Translation API
  • How administrative users can edit the RunPee UI directly from the site
  • My one-class-framework: MCP
  • A few tips on optimizing your site for heavy traffic loads
  • And lastly, given time, I’ll take a quick dive into creating a custom component in Flex 4

So you might want to fasten your seat belts for this last bit because it’s likely that there will be crashes. :)

What do you think?