What does any good Superbowl commercial need?

  • Animals – check
  • Classic Rock song – check
  • Science fiction mashup – check
  • Surprise celebrity appearance . . . darn, I knew I forgot something. :)

Note: Sorry for the amateurishness video editing but I’m an amateur at this.  And MS MovieMaker is a piece of crud but it’s all I have.

I couldn’t resist making another one in honor of the HTML5 vs Flash debates that have been going on since the iPOS came out. And the comparison is made all the more appropriate by the fact that the graphics on the bridge of the Enterprise in Star Trek 2009 were done with Flash.

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In closing
If the preceding upset any HTML developers then I offer my most humble . . . I don’t give a shit. I’m a Flash Platform developer. My platform is better than yours and my community is way better than yours! So why don’t you go sit-and-spin on your precious standards while we Flash developers push the bleeding edge.


What do you think?