Add commas to a number for readability

Do you need to display a large number and want to add commas to it for readability. The following code should work. Actually, it works for numbers that aren’t too big. Not sure when it starts to break down but passing Number.MAX_VALUE definitely doesn’t work. :) But, for regular numbers smaller than the national debt […]

A Namespace explanation by analogy

If you’re unfamiliar with what a namespace is then it may seem like a complex and abstract concept. At least it did to me when I first heard the term. But it’s really quite simple: a namespace is just a way of differentiating between names. Take the example of how people used to introduce themselves, […]

My 360|Flex Super Bowl commercial

What does any good Superbowl commercial need? Animals – check Classic Rock song – check Science fiction mashup – check Surprise celebrity appearance . . . darn, I knew I forgot something. :) Note: Sorry for the amateurishness video editing but I’m an amateur at this.  And MS MovieMaker is a piece of crud but […]