It’s sometimes amazing how little code it takes to do something cool. The meat of this is just one line of code: _tlf.fontSize = _fontMin + ( Math.abs( Math.sin( _counter + ( _characterOffset * i ) ) * ( _fontMax – _fontMin ) ) ); Take a look at the source code if you’d like […]

Predictions for the next decade

I’m feeling bold after writing my review of the previous decade so I’ll make some predictions about what’s going to happen in the coming decade. The Last OS Sometime around the middle of the decade Microsoft will release a new operating system. And that will be their last. I’m not saying that Microsoft will go […]

Decade in review

What a difference a decade makes. In the year 2000 AOL was worth about $240 billion. It’s unlikely that you had heard the term WiFi or of a company named Google. A T1 line was considered blazing fast. More than 91% of home Internet connections were done at 56kbs or slower. A top line PC […]