Not in a million years could I have predicted how 2009 would turn out. I would have called you crazy if you told me I would be setting my alarm for 4:30 AM to do radio interviews in South Africa. What? Did that actually happen? So it’s hard to predict what 2010 will be like because my life has gotten so unpredictable. There have been some recent conversations with people who can help push to another level which is very exciting. There’s even talk of making a movie . . . .  :)

What I do know
2010 is going to be very exciting. I’ll bet I see more movies than I’d like to. But, peetimes must be harvested. Sometimes I feel like the guy in the old Dunkin Donuts commercials – it’s time to make the donuts – as I drive to the theater to see another lame movie. Fortunately there are just enough good movies, sometimes unexpectedly, that it keeps me going.

The development work for RunPee will continue. I still need to move the site over to the Amazon EC2 services so that I can keep up with the traffic load. And I’m massively excited about Flash Player 10.1/Slide framework. I’ll be making a mobile version of RunPee as soon as the beta bits are available and should have it done the day 10.1 goes public.

There’s more to do than just pee
I have a lot more to work on than just RunPee. Below is a list of the projects I have in the que. I’d be very pleased if I can get half of them on their feet this year.

  • AroundTheseWords – website ( 1 month )
  • photo sharing – PC and mobile game ( 1 month )
  • Polyominoes – mathematical PC game ( 1 month )
  • Tipping Point – mobile game ( 1 month )
  • OurSide – mobile game ( 3 months )
  • ityBity – PC and mobile website ( 2 months )

So you can see it’s going to be a pretty big year for me in the mobile market. I have 11 of the 12 months booked up. I better get cracking.

I plan on blogging a lot more. There are a few books that I’m going to start off the year with. Actionscript 3 Image Effects by Todd Yard is first and then I really have to finish Advanced Actionscript 3 Animation by the Peters guy. ( That was actually on my list of things to do this year but I got a bit distracted with RunPee. ) I’ll be blogging my way through both of those books and sharing examples that I expand upon.

I also have a number of pure mathematics books that I will pick through and blog about some of the things I play around with.

Video Tutorials
There are many video tutorials that I’ll be working on. My primary motivation is to help a friend who is learning Flex. So most of the videos will be of the intro to Flex variety. And I have some ideas for videos that are geared toward the lay person that explain what software development works. I might even make a few music video-tutorials. :)

More to learn
I really need to improve my PHP and MySQL skills. I spend way too much time trying to do simple things.  If I would just spent a little time learning those languages as opposed to copy/paste/tweak then I’d save time in the long run. If there is one thing that I would like to learn that isn’t essential to my day-to-day work it would be Processing. I love generative mathematics and that’s pretty much what Processing is made for.


I can’t wait for 360Flex, San Jose in March. Not just because I’m speaking but it’s such a great time to hook up with old friends that I tweet with. Hopefully my session goes well. Perhaps it will be practice for MAX next fall. That would be fantastic!

Lets to do. Lets get the odyssey underway.

What do you think?