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Have you ever watched a movie in the theater and just had to pee - really badly - by the end of the movie? You don't want to leave your seat, because you could miss something important. Your only options are to either: wait for the movie to end, or run and pee during what seems to be a break in the action. And when you sit back down, you sheepishly lean over and ask, "what did I miss?" ...only to realize you really picked the wrong time to go.

My friends,
Since is a wiki, it needs lots of movie going fans to help add content for all the movies coming out.  You can help by simply letting your friends and family know about the website, Twitter about it, blog about it, just spread the word anyway you can. If you can't do it for me, then just think about all the full bladders out there that need your help! :)

Now you don't have to wonder when to make your move. There's an easier, third option:

Before going to a movie you visit, select the movie that you are going to see, and find out what would be the best time to...well.. RunPee. will tell you approximately when a particular PeeTime occurs, what sort of cue to look for and a short synopsis of what happens during the few minutes that you'll be away. You no longer have to ask, "What did I miss?" is a wiki based website. That means people like you contribute the content. So if you go and see a movie that doesn't have any entries you can add your own suggestions as to when to RunPee. You can even modify an existing PeeTime if you see something that you can improve.

Be sure to check out if you plan on seeing the new Star Trek movie because there is already a PeeTime entered to help you enjoy the movie even more! - the next best thing to a pause button.

Movie review - no spoilers
I loved everything about the movie: great character building, great action, decent plot and the Star Trek aesthetic has never been portrayed so beautifully.  The pacing was a bit frenetic at times. The movie is packed full of action or character building so that there is hardly a moment to take a breath, or even leave to RunPee. :)

The acting was superb. I'm pretty sure that Zachary Quinto will get the most prase for his work as Spock but I think that Carl Urban did the best work as McCoy. Was Chris Pine believable as Kirk? Yes and no. I didn't really see Kirk as much as I saw a young brash cadet. But there were moments that Kirk shined through.

The Best Trek?
I'm still going to say that Wrath of Khan is the best movie in the Star Trek pantheon. But this one was right there in a photo finish with it. Where the new Star Trek betters Khan is in the moments of levity. There were many occasions where the audience laughed out loud and not just at the Trekie references.

But you know what, this crew is on a similar but different timeline than the original. Is there room to remake Khan? Please? Pretty please?

What do you think?