is pretty much ready for prime time. Best of all there are PeeTimes up for the movie Eagle Eye. Oh, in case you didn’t know: is a wiki for people to share the best times during a movie to run and pee. Really, it’s not a joke. It may be pretty funny, but it’s not a joke. :-)

Right now the content is being generated by family and friends but as the number of registered users – that means you! – picks up I hope that it will support itself.

So, go see Eagle Eye and grab the BIG soda and popcorn before the movie. And you won’t have to worry about missing anything when you run off to pee because you’ll know when to go and what you’ll be missing while your away.

By the way, I thought Eagle Eye was pretty good. There’s a link near the bottom-right of the site that links to my review – no spoilers.

What do you think?