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Dan Florio – Creative Actionscript Developer

Currently looking for both freelance clients and full time employment – anywhere in the USA, Europe or Australia.

I’m a freelance Actionscript/Flex/AIR developer working from home – Camp Verde, AZ. I have been a Flash Platform developer for over 10 years now. I worked for Microsoft XBox/Zune for 2 years and as a freelance developer I have worked on projects for Cisco, HomeDepot and many others.

What I can do for you:

I can deliver and end-to-end application for mobile, desktop or browser. Translation: I can handle creating the database, service layer, and client side application for your project without additional resources. I’m a skilled UX designer – meaning I will work with you to make your application usable and intuitive for your users. I’m an average designer at best. If you want to knock someones socks off with the design then you’ll need to hire a designer. ( I can recommend some if you need. )

My core skills, at your command:

  • Flex/Actionscript development
  • Database driven applications for the mobile, desktop, browser
  • AIR applications: SQLite, custom chrome, local file system storage, etc.
  • Away3D games and applications
  • User eXperience design and usability

My references at LinkedIn – near the bottom of the page.

If you are interested in contacting me about working on a project then I’d suggest reading my info for potential clients.

RunPee.com RunPee Android MarketplaceiTunesRunPee.com and the RunPee apps are a personal project of mine. The idea, features, coding, design, UX are all my work. However, I do get help from my family seeing all of the movies. :-)The mobile application is built with Adobe AIR and is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets. The app has a rating of 4.5 stars on the Android Marketplace. Many of the comments praise not just the service that it provides but the overall design and UX of the application. I have worked hard to make the app as informative and easy to use as possible.

If you would like to see more about the app and how it looks and feels you can watch a video tour I created on youTube.com.

BALLance BALLance
Android MarketplaceBALLance is a simple Android game that uses the accelerometer as the input to move a hand back and forth across the screen while you try and avoid falling over while getting points for colliding with small falling balls. The main purpose for creating this game was to experiment and explore mobile game development – it was my first handheld game.The positive feedback that I received from friends and family who played the game encouraged me to flesh it out a bit more than I intended. It now has multiple levels with twists added at each one to increase the difficulty of the game play.
Cisco HomeDepot Custom Shutters
An AIR app built to help sales representatives make pitches to clients in their own home. While the app is quite simple to use it delivers a great deal of power to the sales person to be able to quickly find photos and other information to show to prospective buyers.The main feature of the app is a gallery photo browser that has many search options. There are many hundreds of photos to select search through. The AIR app makes it easy to select which style of shutter a client might want, what room the shutters will go in, types of wood, colors, shapes, etc. So with a few clicks of a button the sales person can narrow down the list of of photos to exactly those that might be of interest.Beyond that the app is built to work offline while on a sales call. However the app needs to be able to connect to the central server to get any updates such as new photos. There are many other nuances to the app that help improve the productivity of the sales people that I’m not allowed to go into due to NDA restraints.
DarkSynth DarkSyth 12/10/2007 – current
This is a video playerthat I’ve created for a group of doctors who use it to show videos from private conferences that they host – it’s all private so I can’t show the video player on their site. In fact, I can’t even see it myself. What you see here is the same video player with my content added. You can see that each video comes with a selection of slides – which in the doctor’s version are from a PowerPoint presentation.Features:

  • You can see the maximize button in the upper-right. The doctors really like being able to toggle between a large video window or large slides.
  • The data is loaded from an XML file. I would have preferred using a database but they didn’t want to support that.
  • One production issue is that the PowerPoint slides are exported sequentially but they don’t always want to show each slide. So for instance a presentation might have slides 01-12, and 15-21, just as an example. That would mean adding lots of redundant XML data – a node for each slide. Instead I wrote some code to load a sequence of slides even if there are gaps in the file names. All I need is the name of the last slide. If a slide is missing it doesn’t get added to the display so it doesn’t show up as a broken image in the slide viewer. That really streamlined production and gives them the ability to easily change which slides are shown.
  • Using a DataGrid for the navigation isn’t very common but it really helps out here by making it very easy for the user to sort through the videos.

I’ve formed a great relationship with this group. They know what they want but not how to get it. They really appreciate that I’ve listened to them and come up with solutions to sometimes contradictory requests – like a large video and slides in a small space.

I still do tweaks to the video player as needed and I handle the video encoding for them.

Cisco Cisco 4/28/2008 – 7/1/2008
Working on multiple Flex projects for devices and services to be released in Summer 2008. I worked with a large team of Flex developers to create the UI for a home media server.
Xbox XBoxSpring 2006 – Summer 2007

  • Xbox Hero : Banner rotator for the Xbox.com homepage.
  • Rapter360 : Prototype for the Xbox360 Dashboard.
  • Video Navigator : Navigation for videos on the XBox.com homepage.
  • Xbox Hardware : Dynamic presentation of the Xbox hardware and all of its accessories.
Zune ZuneSpring 2006 – Summer 2007

  • Lenzer : An RIA (Rich Internet Application) that is currently (11/23/2006) featured on the homepage of Zune.net and also on the Marketplace homepage of the Zune music browser.
  • Zune Media Player (ZMP) : This RIA is used throughout the Zune.net site. It is used for browsing videos and pictures and soon music as well.
  • Captain and Social RIAs : RIAs for Zune.net.
Smilebox SmileBox Summer 2007 – Winter 2007
Assisted designers to help bring complex animations and user interactions to life.

Assorted Personal Projects

pixDIF pixDIF is an Adobe AIR application that I created for designers and developers. It helps people measure distances on screen and compare design comps to design implementations to see where the differences lie. The app is free to download from the Adobe AIR Marketplace. You can read more about it and watch a short video demo here.
XanaduWest XanaduWest.com : My personal photography website. Created way back in 2006. It’s probably the best example of my design skills that I’m not well known for. :-) The highlight of the site is that it’s entirely driven by XML. So one file controls the layout of the navigation and the photos within that category. That’s not earth shattering today but it was on the edge when I made it.
You can read more about the project or visit the site.
LiquidText LiquidText : Solution for placing dynamic text in irregular shapes, even if those shapes are moving.
videoMaru videoMaru.com : Solution for creating custom video interfaces in Flash with no coding required.


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