Flash Forward 2006 is over. What a show. I’d have to say that “Let’s Get Physical: Extending the Flash Platform” by Craig Swann was the most sock removing session. I’m very tempted to give Craig the best speaker award to but he got inched out by John Davey who was a bloody riot.

The award for sexiest speaker was also a tight race between John Davey and Laura Arguello. In the end it was Laura’s sexy accent that won it for her. (John, you have a lovely accent to.) All kidding aside: Laura and Nahuel Foronda gave a great presentation but it is hard as hell to concentrate on server side programming when a very good looking woman, with a <Spanish?> accent is talking about anything tech. I once fell in love with a beautiful Russian woman who was reading a Javascript book. Sadly the love affair lasted only a few minutes until her boyfriend showed up.

Cool things that I found out:

  1. Flex is going to change the world.
  2. Adobe is planning to use the beautiful interface that they implemented in AE7 across the entire CS suite. That will, probably, eventually, include Flash.
  3. If there is one program out there that I should have learned years ago but didn’t it’s After Effects. Frak me that is an amazing tool. I could have a blast spending the next few years turning all their cool text effects into AS classes.
  4. The Flash 9 player will run 1000% – yes One Thousand percent – faster than the 8 player. That’s mostly because of improvements to Actionscript 3.
  5. Did I mention that Flex rocks?

I already accosted Lynda – of Lynda.com – about being a speaker at the Austin Flash Forward in September. I have ideas for an intro to OOP session that would rock the house. I’ll probably write more about that later.

Oh, and by the way, during the conference I was consumed with writing some seriously wicked code that billions of Flash developers around the world will want to use. I finally got it to work and man is it cool. Coming soon to a blog near you.

I have to run. The library’s closing so it’s time for me to go make my my car ready for sleeply time.

What do you think?