Back in December I was driving through Sacramento, on my way up here to Seattle, and I got a call from a recruiter. (I had already updated my resume on Monster/Dice/et al. to a Seattle address.) She had a job doing UI coding and wanted to know if I was interested. (Lets see, I had about $1,000 to my name – after just selling my Sony Artisan monitor :-( – no job and a chronic addiction to expensive electronics. So the answer was easily “Yes”.) After a few calls back and forth she had an interview set up for me the following  afternoon. I pulled into Seattle the next morning, went to Mervin’s to buy some decent clothes, shaved in the men’s room and then went over to the interview. Afterwards I went to the library, checked my email and found out that I had a job for 2-4 weeks making $35/hr. Not bad for being in  the city for 6 hours.

It was my job to bust out HTML templates from PSDs. Not very glamorous but it was good money and a great place to work. Plus, and this was a real big plus, they had showers at work! I’m a shower a day kind of guy so going for a week without a shower was really going to bother me.

I worked there for about 2 weeks and had all the work done that they had for me. It was now mid January 2006. I spent the next two weeks working 12+ hours a day on my portfolio in the public library. Then I got a call from the same recruiter asking me if I would like to go back to my former job for a few weeks.

Here was my thinking. You can judge for yourself just how crazy I am. I’m having a great time getting to spend every possible hour working on my portfolio and expanding my skills in Flash. I’m pretty resolute that I’m only going to interview for Flash related positions. I had already told a few recruiters who had been calling that jobs that posted “Flash a bonus” was not enough for me. It had to be “Flash/Actionscript/OOP a MUST” or I wasn’t interested. On the other hand I already knew the people that I would be working with – and liked them. I already had a PC set up there to work on – hoping that the sysAdmin hadn’t wiped down the machine (fortunately he hadn’t). The money was good and would keep me supported in the lifestyle that I had grown accustomed to for many more months. In the end you want to know what was the deciding factor? I would have enough money to pay the $929 for a four-day pass at Flash Forward 2006. Oh, and one other bonus: I would be able to take a shower. So, back to work I went.

What do you think?