I just started this blog site a few days ago. It’s mostly to write about Macro’dobe Flash stuff, some philosophical thoughts here and there, climatology, that sort of thing. And then today I thought, “you know, I should probably write about my current living experience.” I mean it’s not as exciting as Actionscript but it’s certainly not the normal day2day that most people experience.

Lets start by taking an inventory of my immediate surroundings:

Laptop, suitably on my lap. That’s good because it helps keep me warm.

Laying, propped up in bed.

Listening to the AC adapter chirp because I’m putting quite a drain on it with both my laptop and heating pad being on at the same time.

I’m using my favorite button-down flannel shirt as a curtain. There’s also my old jacket from Europe that’s coming apart as another curtain and an over sized sweatshirt from the Alabama Crimson Tide championship in 1992 as yet another.

It’s a little cold in here. The heating pad on my feet helps but my hands are starting to get cold. Too bad I can’t put the heating pad over my hands and still type.

The past few mornings there has been ice INSIDE my Pathfinder when I woke up. It’s been a little on the chilly side here in Seattle for the past week or so. I for one would really like a return to warm rainy nights instead of these starry nights that are so fraking cold.

(You know. You should see this. I can put the heating pad over my hands and still type. Good thing that I don’t need to look at the keyboard to type, eh?)

In the mornings when I wake up, between 5:30-6:30, I jump up to the front seat, mash the clutch and start the Pathfinder and then dive back in the back and cover back up. Then I give it a good 15 minutes or so to get the chill out of the air, and start melting the ice, before I get up and get dressed.

What do you think?