If I’m not working then the first thing I do is drive over to a nearby Tully’s for coffee. I’m usually one of the first people there and I hang around until 10ish or so when the library opens up. Tully’s offers WiFi for some obscene amount of dollars but fortunately someone across the street has an unsecured WiFi router that I can connect to. I don’t get a very good signal but it’s enough to check email and read Dr. Masters blog.

Once at the library I can do any serious downloading that I might have. I’m going to the Flash Forward 2006 conference here in Seattle at the end of February. The registration comes with a month free to Lynda.com and their training videos. So much to watch. So little time.

Back to the typical days schedule. The library is open until 9PM during the week. I’m there pretty much from open to close. Most of the day is spent working on some project or another. I spent about two weeks finishing up my photography website: XanaduWest.com. Now I’m working on a redesign of my VectorSpaceStudios.com website and a cool Flash version of PostIt notes.

What do you think?