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Here are some cool fractals displayed on a sphere using polar coordinates. This first group of 4 images is of the same fractal pattern ( Mandelbrot 1 ), as the camera zooms in on the sphere. Click here to view the 3D presentation of this pattern. ( Note: at the bottom-left of the presentation are […]

Tron Clock

TRON clock using Away3D

I was inspired by the Algorithmist’s TRON Clock so for funzies over the weekend I wanted to make my own using Away3D. I find that I learn the most when I’m just playing around with something like this and exploring different ways to code or design. Starting with the outermost ring – hand – you […]


Flash, will you be my Valentines?

I refuse to celebrate a corporate holiday sponsored by the diamond industry and chocolate companies by purchasing a bunch of crap to further perpetuate the Valentine Industrial Complex. But that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate in my own way by playing around with some trig and polar coordinates using Away3D to draw hearts in 3D […]


3D Spirals with Away3D

Mike Chambers’ post a few days ago about making spirals with EaslJS inspired me to play around with the same idea in Away3D. While these are quite pretty they don’t really move around to well in 3D space because there are so many lines to move. This will all work much, MUCH, better when we […]