I’m headed to Europe today, along with my wife and mother, to go touristing. We’ll start off in Edinburgh. (I’m really looking forward to discovering if the locals pronounce it Ed-in-burg, or Ed-in-buro.) My plan is to write a new post every evening as a travel journal. Hopefully I’ll have the time and energy to get […]

Julia: zoom = 0


Here are some cool fractals displayed on a sphere using polar coordinates. This first group of 4 images is of the same fractal pattern ( Mandelbrot 1 ), as the camera zooms in on the sphere. Click here to view the 3D presentation of this pattern. ( Note: at the bottom-left of the presentation are […]

Tron Clock

TRON clock using Away3D

I was inspired by the Algorithmist’s TRON Clock so for funzies over the weekend I wanted to make my own using Away3D. I find that I learn the most when I’m just playing around with something like this and exploring different ways to code or design. Starting with the outermost ring – hand – you […]


Flash, will you be my Valentines?

I refuse to celebrate a corporate holiday sponsored by the diamond industry and chocolate companies by purchasing a bunch of crap to further perpetuate the Valentine Industrial Complex. But that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate in my own way by playing around with some trig and polar coordinates using Away3D to draw hearts in 3D […]